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Kolarsky Development Consulting (KDC) started out as an IT service shop. We built, configured, installed geophysical workstations, servers, LAN networks for a large number of upstart independent oil companies that sprung up in New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston and Dallas, in the wake of the mega-mergers (and staff reductions) in the late 1990s.

KDC quickly grew from the role of am IT service shope to an IT consultancy. There is a difference! As these new upstarts needed to take on new IT solutions but were not quite sure where to start, they encountered new terminology that made it difficult to decide how to tackle things. At first glance, the terms “IT services” and “IT consulting” appear to to be quite similar. In reality, however, their roles a quite different.

An IT serviceperson comes to replace a faulty network card, fix a malfunctioning router, install a new graphics card or upgrade memory. The difference between IT consulting and IT services becomes apparent at this point. IT consultants design the strategy and layout of the IT needs a busines has in order to grow. IT services take a more detailed technical approach and get into the nitty-gritty of how the previously developed objectives will be accomplished.

A skilled IT consultant will take the time to understand the long-term vision and objectives of the business. From there, this professional can provide a broad overview of how certain types of IT initiatives will lead to success. While IT consulting Is there to define top concerns and design overal strategies to tackle them, it is not always an ideal solution for getting into specifics. IT services is more suitable to deal with detailed procedures.

KDC, for example, would look at the size of the organization, the number of geoscientists and engineers needing powerful desktop workstations vs other employees needing middle-of-the-road PCs and laptops. KDC would consider how much data would have to be moved across the local area network, and how fast this data would have to move, and design the network appropriately. Get the fastest switches and routers to enable the technical staff to do their work effectively, and not agonize over a network that is slow and hangs, or a workstation that is inadequate. An IT service contractor will be called upon to handle the installation and configuration of the entire environment.

KDC specializes in the energy industry, mainly oil and gas. It has intimate knowledge of what the technical needs of an oil company are and how to set up their IT environment in an optimum manner.

Hadrware isn't everything. KDC also colaborates with major geophysical and geologic software manufacturers on the design and layout of specific functionality, in order to make them most user-friendly and intuitive to the technical professional who will be using that software. KDC has over 20 years experience in this field. Many modules of the mainstream seismic interpretation packages on the market were designed by us, and some are still being used after 20 years!

The IT Consulting business of KDC has been driven primarily by Lisa Kolarsky, drawing on her 24-year experience at Chevron-Texaco as a civil engineer and IT manager.

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