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Kolarsky Development Consulting (KDC) is a global management consultancy focused on the energy industry, with a special emphasis on oil and gas, IT and Real Estate. We navigate companies change management journey – from strategy to operations. We empower companies to shape their future. With the head office in Louisiana, U.S.A. and presence in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, we leverage local and global expertise to always achieve optimum results for the client. We are game changers with an upbeat, enthusiastic approach to problem solving, lateral thinkers always able to find new avenues of thinking in areas, leading to success.

Strategy Consulting - we help companies seize essential advantages by developing corporate and business-unit strategies and building the differentiating capabilities they need to outperform their competitors. We provide innovative solutions focused on corporate & business strategy, people and organization strategy, operations strategy, customer strategy, and technology strategy including IT.

Management Consulting> - we help companies translate strategy into practice, bridging the gap between ideas and outcomes, transform organizations and achieve tangible business results. We provide innovative solutions focused on asset acquisition, portfolio management, operations, finance, human capital and change management.

Risk Consulting> - we help companies understand and manage risk, specific risks inherent to the energy, real estate and IT markets. We help companies build a competitive advantage through managing risks to become more resilient. We provide innovative solutions focused for risk considerations across corporate cultures, enhanced governance in risk management, predictive risk analytics, improved risk management processes and controls, monitoring functions and executive/board reporting.

Technology Consulting> - We design innovative ways to help companies transform their business through technology. We provide innovative solutions for network design, cloud computing, fit-for-purpose software and hardware best suited for the organization, and securing their intellectual property and systems from cyber attacks.


Kolarsky Development Consulting is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the U.S. State of Louisiana.



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